Adam Carolla Show: Football with Dameshek and Hench

Adam Carolla Show: Football with Dameshek and Hench

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Publish Date : September 13 2010

Every Monday, enjoy shows recorded live at The Happy Ending Bar on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood. This week, Cousin Sal, Dave Dameshek, and Kevin Hench are seated with Adam, getting their drink on and enjoying the day’s games. Adam says he’s going to be drunk at three different times today, and talks about abandoning The Rams for good this season.




After a brief discussion of Christmas lights, Adam talks about the first time he met Cousin Sal. Sal is a ‘degenerate gambler’ and talks about some of the bets he’s placed this season. The guy also discuss Sal’s love of the Dallas Cowboys even though he’s from New York, and Sal says his dad once brought home a Cowboys jacket from a business trip. Adam then goes on a side story about cleaning carpets.




Dameshek goes into more depth about the origins of the football gatherings. He talks about meeting with Sal and Hench, and soon after Jimmy Kimmel would watch. At last Adam would come by, but Dameshek and Hench insist that Adam didn’t say a word to them for the entire season.




Since Hench has been drinking since 10am, they get on the topic of DUIs and the pleasures of getting shitfaced. Adam suggests that sobriety tests should be performed in your vehicle and not on foot. The guys pause the show to watch the Rams attempt and blow a hail mary, which doesn’t surprise Adam in the least. Then they tease Hench a bit more for being dropped off by his mom, and wonder how he’s going to get home.




Throughout the show, Adam attempts to tell a story about cleaning carpets at the Russian Tea Room at the Beverly Center, but almost always gets side tracked. At this point in the show, he talks about several stories with his buddies Ray and Chris and how they used to literally wipe their shit on him when they got the chance. Cousin Sal has a weird shit story as well, and talks about taking a dump in a Frito’s bag.




Adam gives advice on hitting on strippers, and Dameshek complains about the most overused porn stories. Adam tells more stories about working with Ray and Chris; more specifically, the times that Chris tried to steal food at work and Ray tried to pee everywhere. Wrapping the episode up, Hench talks about being high on coke at graduation, and everyone agrees you don’t really need to get a diploma to be successful.


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