Adam Carolla Show: Football with Greg Fitzsimmons and Pete [...]

Adam Carolla Show: Football with Greg Fitzsimmons and Pete Yorn

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Publish Date : September 27 2010

Live from Happy Endings on Sunset Blvd., Greg Fitzsimmons sits in for Adam on this week’s Sunday Football Wrap-up. Greg professes right from the get-go he’s not a huge football fan, but Jimmy Kimmel’s friend Brad Mulcahey is sitting on the couch and much more into sports. They go through a brief recap of the day’s games, and Brad also talks about his history with gambling and relationship with Jimmy and Cousin Sal.

Brad mentions a few more highlights from the day, and Greg says he needs the athlete’s story to be bigger than the game for him to get into it. Greg then leads the conversation to Brad’s experience in Navy boot camp, and also spends some time discussing how they got involved in the Carolla crew. Brad also spends time talking about going to high school with magician David Blaine.

Musician Pete Yorn comes onto the show and talks with Greg about his new, eponymous album. Greg asks him about the inspirations behind the latest release, and also jokes that he once made love to Pete’s music. After a longer discussion about Pete’s relationship with his dad and his own personality, they listen to Pete’s latest single: Precious Stone.

Greg delves deeper into Pete’s story, talking about his relationship with his fiancé, and also more on his relationship with his father and brother. Pete takes it back to sports talk, bringing up his life-long fandom of the Raiders, and Greg goes on a jag about Judaism and religious context in films.

Pete describes his music as ‘pure rock n roll,’ and loves the new album’s stripped down sound. He talks about the instrumentation, and Greg also asks him about his set lists when playing live concerts. Lastly, Pete talks about trying to interact with fans through social networking websites, but mostly enjoys meeting people on the road.

Greg thanks Pete for his time and invites everyone to check out more info at the following websites:


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