Ding-Dongin' with Pals Pt. 1: Open Mike Eagle

Ding-Dongin' with Pals Pt. 1: Open Mike Eagle


Publish Date : October 06 2016

Open Mike Eagle is a legendary underground rapper, a fun guy, and a good pal of Donger's. He's perfect for the first of what will be several episodes where Matt brings along a friend to hitchhike with him into the life of you, the listener. Matt and Mike cover a ton of topics, including the parallels between rap and comedy, longevity vs. immediate success, Donger's secret history as a rapper in college, and getting a robot body made for yourself. Also, big shout out to Mike for coming to Nerdmelt to record with an injured shoulder. Way to play hurt, Open Mike!  


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Comedian Matt Braunger hitches a ride with you for fifteen minutes to talk, spin yarns, make jokes, and above all, entertain. Then he gets out of the car (or iPod, what have you, etc). No guests, no agenda, no lack of lively times. Real fun from a real ding-dong.

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