Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Jill Wagner

Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Jill Wagner

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Publish Date : November 01 2010

Recorded on Halloween at the Happy Endings Bar on Sunset. Adam talks football with Cousin Sal and Kevin Hench. Adam also talks about signing book plates for his upcoming book, and trying to explain his kids’ Halloween costumes to his dad.

Adam talks more about doing book interviews with bitchy reporters, then mentions Cousin Sal’s upcoming Halloween bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Adam complains about shitty Halloween candy and wonders about razor blade apples. They also question the creepy adults who dress in costumes, and make fun of Child’s Play.

The beautiful Jill Wagner comes to the show, talking about her roots in North Carolina. Adam reflects on a particularly miserable travel experience there, and talks with her about fat Midwesterners and fat people in the radio biz. Adam also chats with Jill about her experience as ‘The Mercury Girl’ and gives her advice for buying a car.

Adam and Jill talk about her work on the hit TV show Wipeout, and the pros and cons of working outside. Jill talks about her relationship with her Dad as well; teaching her to shoot guns and warding off crazy ex-girlfriends. Adam also talks about his own experience buying a shotgun, and wraps up his convo with Jill talking about her love life.

The fourth season of Wipeout begins January 2011. You can also visit Jill at, or follow her on Twitter @WagnerOfficial.


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