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 10/20/21 DPS Hour Best Of

On today's Dan Patrick Show, DP recaps last night's playoff baseball games. After a few blow strike zone calls, should the league seriously consider a digital strike zone? Marcus Hayes of the [...]

 10/20/21 DPS Hour 1 Marcus Hayes

Marcus Hayes talks to Dan about Ben Simmons and the Sixers. Marcus says that Ben is risking political suicide.

 10/20/21 DPS Hour 2

Dan talks about all that's going on in the NFL. Dan says that he would still not pay a running back a big contract.

 10/20/21 DPS Hour 3 Bob Costas

Bob Costas talks to Dan about the electronic strike zone happening in our future. Bob says the electronic strike zone is inevitable.

 10/19/21 DPS Best Of

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 10/19/21 DPS Hour 1

Dan talks about the Monday Night Football game between the Titans and Bills. Dan gives his opinion on the best running backs in NFL history.

 10/19/21 DPS Hour 2 Adam Lefkoe

Adam Lefkoe tells Dan that now Lebron has his general in Westbrook. Adam says that he would rather interview Kyrie Irving over Ben Simmons.

 10/19/21 DPS Hour 3 Peter Schrager

Peter Schrager talks to Dan about Derrick Henry and how there will not be another running back like him. Peter says if Derrick was to end his career right now; he would still be in the Hall Of Fame [...]

 10/18/21 DPS Best Of

On today's Dan Patrick Show, Tim Cowlishaw of the Dallas Morning News calls in to discuss the hot start to the season for Cowboys. Are there any question marks on this team? ESPN's Mina Kimes ranks [...]

 10/18/21 DPS Hour 1 Tim Cowlishaw

Tim Cowlishaw talks to Dan about his concerns for the Dallas Cowboys. Tim says the Cowboys were looking ahead to the bye week; and had a poor performance against the Patriots.

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