First Take

 Hour 2: #Knickstape

Stephen A. and Marcus Spears react to Tim Legler saying Russell Westbrook should come off the bench for the Lakers. Legler sticks around to discuss the Ben Simmons situation. Marcus Spears gives his [...]

 Hour 1: Ben the Knee

Stephen A. and Jay Williams discuss if the Lakers should be worried about Russell Westbrook's play. They debate if the 76ers or Ben Simmons should be to blame for their current situation. They look [...]

 What Is Going On Here?!

Welcome back to another episode of First Take, Her Take! Charly and Elle start off this week's episode with a PSA to everyone who focuses on weight and body image... STOP IT! Then, a quick vibe check [...]

 Hour 2: Accident Waiting to Happen?

Stephen A. and Keyshawn Johnson are joined by Mina Kimes to discuss if Mike McCarthy will doom the Cowboys season. It's another week of Stephen A's list of Top 5 NFL teams, and Jeff Saturday has some [...]

 Hour 1: King Henry

Stephen A. and Keyshawn Johnson look back at Monday Night Football and ask if the Bills blew their chance to win. They debate if Derrick Henry can lead the Titans to a Super Bowl. Michael Wilbon joins [...]

 Hour 1: Road to the Super Bowl?

Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin debate about the Cowboys, if they still believe in Baker Mayfield, if the Ravens the best team in the AFC, and more.

 Hour 2: Spooky Season

Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin debate about if Dak is the scariest QB to face in the NFL right now, could Patrick Mahomes save the Chiefs' season, and more.

 Hour 2: Trade Alert

Stephen A. Smith, Sam Acho and Ryan Clark debate about more Bucs and Eagles, if they believe in Jalen Hurts, if Baker and Odell can win a Super Bowl together, Stephen A replies to Stephon Marbury's [...]

 Hour 1: Tom Bomb

Stephen A. Smith and Tim Tebow debate about if the Bucs are the NFL's best team right now, if Baker is sabotaging Odell's career, how far Lamar Jackson can take the Ravens, and Sam Acho joins the show [...]

 Hour 2: Oh Dell No!

Stephen A. Smith, Jay Williams and Dan Orlovsky debate about Kyrie and his vaccination status, if the Browns should trade Odell Beckham Jr., if the Bucs are the best team in the NFL and more.

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