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 The Best/Worst Movie Ever: The Room [...]

“The Room” and “Troll 2” are the two best worst movies ever made, and their stars, Greg Sestero (“The Room”) and George Hardy (“Troll 2”), agree! The twosome along with “CYST” [...]

 Tony Khan Is Dynamite!

Tony Khan returns to talk everything AEW, and provide a candid look inside his creative process for “Dynamite,” and how he collaborates with everyone from CJ to Kenny Omega to Cody to the Young [...]

 The Will & Power of Will Hobbs

Will Hobbs is living his dream at AEW! He’s also living his brother’s dream, and explains why it was so important to make it in wrestling after his brother died taking a bullet for him. Will talks [...]

 Inside The Evil Minds of Serial [...]

Bill Birnes has a PhD on serial killer psychology, and co-authored the book, “The Riverman,” which tells the story of serial killer Ted Bundy’s involvement in the apprehension of Green River [...]

 Remembering Chris Kanyon Kast

Chris Kanyon was instrumental in Shane “Hurricane” Helms getting signed to WCW, and landing the part as David Arquette’s stunt double in the movie “Ready To Rumble.” He was a favorite of The [...]

 Seduced Inside The NXIVM Cult with [...]

India Oxenberg survived the notorious NXIVM slave cult, and is telling her story on TIJ, and in a brand-new documentary on Starz called, “Seduced: Inside The NXIVM Cult.” She explains how she was [...]

 99 Reasons Why Anna Jay is the [...]

Anna Jay is number 99 in the Dark Order, a number given to her by the late, great Brodie Lee. Anna talks about joining the Dark Order, the impact that Brodie had on her career, the lessons she learned [...]

 The Forecast & Future of COVID-19 [...]

Dr. Alex Patel, a critical care ICU doctor based in Toronto, Canada, has been on the frontlines of the coronavirus since the pandemic’s first days, and has treated the sickest patients. He returns [...]

 Cody Rhodes Goes Big With AEW

Cody Rhodes had a pair of great matches, including a dog collar match, with Brodie Lee just before Brodie’s tragic passing. Cody talks about planning those two matches, how NJPW’s Big Van Vader vs [...]

 The Conspiracies of 2020

David Weiss of the Flat Earth Podcast returns to talk about conspiracies of 2020 which include everything from COVID19 to QAnon, and of course the Flat Earth! He shares his thoughts on the pandemic [...]

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