Talk Is Jerico

 The Ballad of Jimmy Crockett

Tony Schiavone and Dave Meltzer from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter return to pay tribute to legendary wrestling promoter, Jim Crockett Jr, who passed away March 3rd. They tell the story of the [...]

 KISS vs Aerosmith vs Cheap Trick vs [...]

What’s the connection between KISS, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, and Starz, and how were they able to make such an impact on rock and roll? Former Editor-In-Chief of Spin magazing, Doug Brod, shares what [...]

 MJF Buries Everybody!

The soon-to-be newly-crowned AEW World Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho & MJF, reveal their game plan for taking down the current champs, the Young Bucks, at #AEWRevolution on Sunday. They also [...]

 Kuarantine Takes Off The Makeup

Kuarantine is bassist PJ Farley of Trixter fame, Klassik ‘78’s Joe McGinness on guitar, Luke Bryan drummer Kent Slucher, and singer Chris Jericho! They only do 80’s-era KISS with no makeup and [...]

 STALLONE - Frank, That Is

He’s got a Golden Globe nomination, a Grammy nomination, three platinum albums, and over 75 movies and TV show credits to his name, and people still call him “Rocky’s brother!” And now Frank [...]

 Unrivaled - AEW Action Figures Come [...]

Jeremy Padawer, longtime wrestling fan and partner in Jazwares, is the man behind the toy company producing the AEW action figure line! Jeremy explains how the partnership came together, what we can [...]

 Terrifying Tales In The Cecil Hotel

Jay Wasley from “Ghost Adventures” on DiscoveryPlus shares all kinds of creepy stories from their investigation into the infamous, haunted Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles! The Cecil is the [...]

 Nick Dinsmore vs Eugene

Nick Dinsmore has plenty to say about his popular run as Eugene at WWE! He has stories about traveling with William Regal, pinning Vince McMahon, acting as GM of RAW, and his Wrestlemania moment in [...]

 Searching the UFO Skies with Ryan [...]

It’s all about UFOs, alien sightings, and close encounters with “Mysteries Decoded” host and investigator, Ryan Sprague! Ryan’s sharing case studies from his book, “Somewhere in the Skies: A [...]

 DDP Is Relentless

Diamond Dallas Page returns with his killer charisma, boundless energy, relentless spirit, and amazing stories about his final match at AEW, working with the Nightmare Family, developing a great [...]

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