The JV Club with Janet Varney

 Lizz Winstead

ATTN! If you’re reading this or listening to our ep with powerhouse Lizz Winstead (co-creator of The Daily Show & much more!) THURSDAY, SEPT. 23rd, you can still watch “Do Re #MeToo” TONIGHT! [...]

 Ep. 436: Paula Poundstone

Our return from Boys of Summer brings us the comedy legend and powerhouse Paula Poundstone! Listen in on some pretty incredible stories about other luminaries, marvel in the living delight that is [...]

 Final Boy of Summer - Zach Selwyn

Our final Boy of Summer is author/musician/actor Zach Selwyn (Zachariah & The Lobos Riders) also happens to be JV’s prom date and her first… well, you’ll just have to listen to the episode! [...]

 Steve Agee (Rerun)

This episode was originally published in 2017Military-schooled Steve Agee (The Sarah Silverman Program) is the guest for the premiere of the “Boys of Summer” series on The JV Club! Tools you may [...]

 Randall Park

This week JV catches up with her old pal, the very busy and very wonderful Randall Park (“Wandavision," "Fresh Off The Boat”)! This delightful and humble Boy of Summer contemplates shyness, [...]

 Gastor Almante

Be completely delighted by Boy of Summer, Comedian Gastor Almonte (Immigrant Made), who will make you hungry for amazing Brooklyn bodega sandwiches, friendly Nashville bars, and more great [...]

 Jack De Sena

It’s Boy of Summer Jack De Sena! Known by many of you as “Sokka” from Avatar: The Last Airbender! Having recently had Jack on an episode of her podcast Braving The Elements, JV dives deeper into [...]

 Mike Geier

This week JV gets to sit down (Zoomily speaking) with her major talent and friendship crush, Mike Geier, a person we will call the… Consiglieri… of Puddles the Clown. From the creative vein [...]

 Séan Devlin

The delightful Séan Devlin brings his Boy-of-Summerness to the JV Club with thrills (Fangs!), chills (Muggings!), and spills (Street Luging!). Plus: An Anna Cox episode flashback — to the town [...]

 Dan Cummins

This week’s Boy of Summer and prolific podcaster Dan Cummins ("Timesuck," "Scared to Death," "Is We Dumb?") digs into the maze of awkward social etiquettes with customer service folks, neighbors, [...]

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