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Podcasting is over a decade old.  Programs have come and gone.  The best have continued on and grown, networks have been created.  The programs that persevere, the best programs, have one thing in common, personality.  I should say personalities, both many and diverse.  Great podcasts have great hosts, talented crews and a steady stream of interesting and topical guests.  Whether they are in a long form interview, contributing to a story or performing original material, it’s the people we connect with.

Podcasting is the perfect format to connect us.  Without program driven interruptions like weather and traffic and the tight scheduling of radio, the talent just takes its natural form.  Podcasting is also the most accessible form of entertainment today.  Most shows are free and available through any device that can play an audio file.  Shows can be downloaded or streamed through hundreds of websites or apps.  Deep catalogs of past shows are easily available.  The world of podcasting has been DVR’d for you! Unlike its video counterpart, podcasts can be enjoyed nearly anywhere, at the gym, in the car, on a run, at work and anywhere else you can wear earbuds.

At PodXref, we are continuously working to pack all of this greatness into one site.  EXPLORE our ever-growing catalog of shows, FIND the personalities and formats that interest you and LISTEN to the programs where ever you are.

Check in regularly to see who is new, who is popular and what is captured on the watchlist you create.  You support us by supporting our sponsors.

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