CJ Perry Says Goodbye to Lana and WWE

CJ Perry Says Goodbye to Lana and WWE


Publish Date : July 02 2021

CJ Perry was Lana in WWE, and after 8 years, she’s saying goodbye to the character and the company. She was recently let go by WWE, and no one was more surprised than her! She explains what happened, why she thinks it happened, and how it happened! She reveals the first call she made after receiving the news, what her final communication with Vince McMahon entailed, and why the whole termination process at WWE needs to change. She also shares how her real-life romance with now husband, Miro, affected her career, why she believes WWE broke up the Lana & Miro storyline at the height of its popularity, and what she owes Triple H, Road Dawg and Billy Gunn.


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