Part 2: Perez Hilton on Influencers (ACS Nov 20)

Part 2: Perez Hilton on Influencers (ACS Nov 20)


Publish Date : November 20 2020

Perez Hilton is on the line at the top of Part 2 of today’s podcast for a 1-on-1 interview. The guys discuss Covid-19 restrictions and how they are impacting our schools, Perez’s life raising three kids under the age of eight as a single father and what it’s like trying to date as a notable figure in the gay community. They also discuss the topic of race, touching on how Americans view prominent African Americans such as Oprah and Barak Obama, and Perez reveals his thoughts as a Latino on the recently popularized term ‘Latinx’. Please support today’s sponsors: Download the Stereo App!


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