Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ David Koechner

Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ David Koechner

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Publish Date : November 08 2010

Adam’s back from New York, and hanging at Happy Endings Bar with Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal. Adam gives an insight into his schedule, detailing an amazing 24-hours of back to back work. Adam also talks about his opening act, Josh Gardner, and the drama surrounding his performance on The Today Show.

After a bit of football talk to humor Cousin Sal, Adam has a complaint he wants to get off his chest. He talks about hot chicks with attitude problems, and goes into more depth about the ‘pussy power rankings.’

Actor and comedian David Koechner joins the show and officially welcomes Adam back to the West Coast. They spend some time talking about filming movies in Canada, and Adam rants about the economics of the film industry here in the US. He also talks with David about growing up surrounded by turkey coops and trying to make it into the biz.

David tries to pump Adam up about enjoying performing live. He talks about the communal experience of podcasting and attempts to show Adam how listeners and audience members just want to hang out with him. Adam attempts to analyze the psychological experience of performing live, and David begins the ‘Let Adam Love Himself’ campaign.

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Catch Cousin Sal on The Jimmy Kimmel Show, 12:05am on ABC; or hear him regularly on The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons (podcast available on iTunes).


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