Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Christy Canyon

Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Christy Canyon

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Publish Date : November 22 2010

Adam sits down with Christy Canyon, along with ESPN Sports Guy Bill Simmons. Adam and Christy went to the same high school, and in fact Adam went to the Sadie Hawkin’s dance with Christy’s sister.  Adam talks with her about growing up in the valley, and also recalls the day he and Donny first found out she was in a porno.

Christy talks about her early days first getting involved in the industry; not glamorous in the mainstream eye, but for her it was about having fun and connecting with the other stars in their clique. She also talks very candidly about the realities of drugs on set, and also her sexual relationships with people both on and off camera.

Adam also gets her insights into the current condition of the adult film industry, and the recent AIDS scare.  Christy also speaks about adopting her kids, and whether or not she ever views herself as getting married again. Adam wraps things up talking to her more about hanging out around the Comedy Store in the 80s, and also updates all the fans on his book plate signings.

Listen to more of Christy on Sirius’s ‘Playboy Radio Night Calls,’ airing weeknights from 4-7pmPST. Or you can visit her website,


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