Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Kevin Nealon

Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Kevin Nealon

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Publish Date : December 13 2010

Adam talks with Kevin Nealon about the upcoming Friends of Big Joe fundraiser. Kevin also reflects on his role in Weeds and jokes with Adam about Celebrity Star Maps. Adam then launches into some great stories from his weekend doing shows in San Francisco. Kevin also tells his own wild crowd stories, and the guys compare the different kinds of crazy fans they’ve come across.

Adam also talks about getting to explore PIXAR Studios, and laughs about trying to manage conversations between his travel buddies Mike August and Donny. He also tells a story about eating at a famous Chinese restaurant, and the annoying lady who shared the table with them.

Adam goes into a jag about guys with Sweaty Palm Syndrome, and also goes on a huge rant about John Waters. After talking about the Friends of Big Joe show a little more, the guys talk about the recent Kathy Griffin/Bristol Palin drama at the USO comedy event. Adam blames the 24 Hour News cycle for all these ridiculous stories, and wraps up the show with Kevin discussing the joys of frozen waffles.

Help support Kevin Nealon and Big Joe, December 15th at the Long Beach Laugh Factory. Tickets available at


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