Adam Carolla Show: Dax Shepard

Adam Carolla Show: Dax Shepard

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Publish Date : January 10 2011

Adam welcomes Couin Sal and Dax Shepard back to The Happy Endings Bar on Sunset. Adam talks with Dax about his latest role, and asks Sal how he’s fairing during the NFL playoffs. Adam also rants about his wife screwing up his Mexican food order, and explains how we all need rodeo clowns to help us forget our troubles.

The guys also chat about getting fired from your job vs. quitting. Dax talks about his old boss tricking him into working harder, and also relays an embarrassing verbal slip he had when working as a restaurant host. The story reminds Adam of the time he said something embarrassing to Queen Latifah on late night TV, and he and Dax rant about her film, Taxi.

Adam also talks about his relationship with his housekeeper, Olga. Dax talks about his own cleaning lady, and how he recently discovered she was drinking on the job. The guys also discuss the culture clash revolving around dogs, and wrapping the show up, the guys talk a bit more about Dax’s largely improvised movie.

Watch Dax on Parenthood, Tuesday nights at 10pm on NBC; and check out The Freebie, out on DVD and VOD on this Tues, Jan 11th. 


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