Part 1: Ian Bagg’s Body Bagg, plus Nate Adams talks Alec [...]

Part 1: Ian Bagg’s Body Bagg, plus Nate Adams talks Alec Baldwin (ACS Oct 26)


Publish Date : October 26 2021

At the top of the show, Adam talks to Mike Dawson about chugging a stranger’s Gatorade while in the security line at the Las Vegas airport. Gina then talks about her gambling experiences after their show this past Saturday, and Nate Adams joins the show to lend some perspective to the recent Alec Baldwin story. Adam also makes fun of DJ Khaled, and talks about getting his teeth whitened. Up next, Ian Bagg is in studio to discuss being roommates with frequent podcast guest Kyle Dunnigan, which leads to a larger conversation about roommates and landlords. Before the break, Ian presents a bizarre True Crime story for this week’s ‘Body Bagg’. Please support today’s sponsors: enter CAROLLA15 enter ADAM enter ADAM Check out the Jordan Harbinger Show Podcast


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