Adam Carolla Show: Football with DAG

Adam Carolla Show: Football with DAG

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Publish Date : October 18 2010

Adam teases a vitriolic rant scheduled for tomorrow’s show based on his past weekend in the Las Vegas Airport. For now, he’s here at The Happy Endings Bar, along with ESPN’s sports guy Bill Simmons, and Cousin Sal, ready to talk about the day’s games. Also joining them is guest musician Josh Gardner, soon to be an artist released through ACE Broadcasting. Josh plays a couple acoustic songs, and talks to the guys about Brett Favre’s level of sanity.




Cousin Sal goes over the various rankings for the season, and Adam talks about Tom Brady ’s past relationship to Bridget Moynahan, and also his current relationship with Bundchen. He then goes on a rant about celebrities who do nothing and still make millions.




Adam then jumps into a couple of stories; one involving a racing event with Jimmy Kimmel, and another about traveling with actor Fred Willard and his agent. As Simmons and Cousin Sal leave, Adam brings David Alan Grier to the couch. DAG jokes about the large crowd gathered at the recording, and talks to Adam about his friend’s wife dating after their divorce. The guys also talk about their daughter’s role models, and watching inappropriate movies with the family.




Josh Gardner is brought back to the couch to perform a couple more songs. They talk about their upcoming performance at the House of Blues in Boston, and Adam also mentions the release of his book and upcoming shows at the Atlanta Punchline. Rounding out the show, the guys talk a bit more about their Twitter followings, and Adam promises to sign any book jacket for fans who purchase the book.




Check out Bill Simmons at, and look for Cousin Sal weekly on Jimmy Kimmel Live.




David Alan Grier can be followed on Twitter @DavidAlanGrier. Or find out more info at


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