REShow: Comedian David Koechner guest hosts, Bill Burr and [...]

REShow: Comedian David Koechner guest hosts, Bill Burr and Dustin Colquitt. Hour 3


Publish Date : December 05 2014

Comedian David Koechner guest hosts as he sits down with Comedian Bill Burr also Kansas City Chiefs Punter Dustin Colquitt calls in.


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As host of the NFL Network since its inception in 2003, no one has enjoyed more access to the National Football League than Rich Eisen. Over the past 10 years, millions of fans have tuned into NFL Network's coverage of the Super Bowl, NFL Draft and NFL Scouting Combine to find Rich Eisen in the center of the NFL universe. Clearly, the unprecedented exposure to this posse has led Rich Eisen to become completely at ease with referring to himself in the third person. Why else would he name his podcast "The Rich Eisen Podcast?" Wait a minute, I think Rich Eisen just referred to himself in the second person in that last sentence. At any rate, each and every week, Rich Eisen is committed to bring you the best guests from the NFL sidelines and the entertainment world in "The Rich Eisen Podcast." NFL, pop culture, what have you. It's all in one neat package on the very first official podcast of the National Football League. So, please download at your leisure and rate it 5 stars. Rich Eisen would not have it any other way.

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