The Burning Love of Elvis Impersonators

The Burning Love of Elvis Impersonators


Publish Date : April 30 2021

Hear the story of how Elvis came to join the Inner Circle! Ok, so it’s really Elvis impersonator Travis Allen who filmed that great scene-stealing cameo in the Inner Circle’s version of The Hangover last Summer in Vegas! Travis explains how he landed the coveted part, what it was like hanging out with the boys, and what was his favorite part of the whole experience. He also recounts his journey to become Elvis, which songs are the hardest to sing, why he loves Elvis groupies, and what it’s like to being married to Lady Gaga! Plus, he shares sideburn mishaps, the cost of custom Elvis jumpsuits, the real story behind “thank you, thank you very much,” his fav Elvis movies, and the most popular Elvis song when it comes to Vegas weddings! And yes, he can officiate your ceremony! 


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