Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Andrew Breitbart

Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Andrew Breitbart

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Publish Date : November 29 2010

Live from the Happy Endings bar on Sunset, Adam sits down with Cousin Sal and Bill Simmons. Adam talks about the Christmas parade outside shutting down the city, and Cousin Sal talks a bit of football. Adam also goes on a rant about a receptionist who wouldn’t let him onto the Soup, and wonders why we haven’t had a black Bachelor yet.

Today’s guest is Andrew Breitbart. They talk for a bit about his web empire, more specifically about the Big Hollywood website. Andrew says that he hates Hollywood Lefties, and created the site for people to voice an alternate point of view. Adam agrees with the left’s tendency towards moral superiority, and also vents about the writer’s guild and other Hollywood unions.

Adam talks about time he spent with his kids over the weekend. This leads to a larger conversation about female roles in parenting, and how technology is making all of our kids lazy. Adam also joyfully recalls an experience where he and Lynette lied to the kids about Santa’s reindeer, and thinks about Katy Perry’s sex factor.

In the final part of the show, things turn back to politics. Andrew talks about the left trying to isolate people like Sarah Palin, and also tells his thoughts on the next presidential election in 2012. Bill also asks Alex about his own political career, stirring things up, and the responses that he’s gotten from that.

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