Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Petros

Adam Carolla Show: Football w/ Petros

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Publish Date : October 25 2010

Adam talks with Cousin Sal about the upcoming Halloween holiday, and what his kids are gonna wear. They question the relevance of baseball, and Adam complains about his Rams losing, and yet another Rich White Guy Problem. They also talk about Adam having to sign 5,000 book plates for the release of his new book, and his strategy for getting it all done in time.

After some talk about Brett Favre's controversial cell-phone pic, the guys talk about how the innocent man should act in court. Adam starts talking about massage room etiquette, and creates a new code for the happy ending. He also gives good advice to the man planning to cheat.

Petros Papadakis of 'Petros and Money' takes a seat. He talks with Adam about his driving problems, and living life in Koreatown. They also discuss gay bars, undercover gigs, and the weird music that used to get Petros pumped. There's also talk of an insane punk concert that Adam once went to, and Petros talks about stealing stuff from a kid.

Adam tells a story of the first time he got totally shitfaced. He also institutes a new rule for liquor stores, and talks with Petros about a classic Burt Reynolds performance. Before signing off, the guys discuss the classic medical technique of slapping someone in the face to snap them back to reality.

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