Movies Made Me - Episode 41 - KC Wayland

Movies Made Me - Episode 41 - KC Wayland

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Publish Date : September 19 2016

KC Wayland, Director/Writer/Actor/Producer of the audio series We're Alive and We're Alive: Lockdown  and the documentary film 365 Boots on the Ground, joins us to discuss the movies that have influenced him professionally and personally.  Come along, as we chat about Rita Hayworth and the US Army, Spielberg zombies, too many cooks, and the best from the worst. And, in case you're still wondering after hearing the episode, the two dome theaters at the Century Cinedome in Orange, CA each seated 863 people.


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MOVIES MADE ME - Where reel life meets real life.

Movies Made me exists to encourage the collective sharing of our deep, individual experiences with film.  It's a place where, as a guest, you can feel secure in opening up, sharing real emotion and exposing your inner workings, as you tell us how movies have helped you, molded you, inspired you, made you unique.  It's a place where, as a listener, you can hear real people share real stories that connect with you, surprise you, amuse you, move you.  We celebrate film and we celebrate identity by bringing these powerful ideas together and offering a new, bold way of thinking about the intersection of culture and self.  We're not interested in movie reviews or news; we're interested in you.  We want to explore something deeper that hasn't been talked about much before.  The movie-going experience is ingrained in our culture and our lives.  Doesn't it make sense that the movies we see become ingrained in our sense of self?  That's what we're here to explore.

Join us as we discuss the movies that influence us and help us form our identities.  Virtually every one of us has had a film experience that altered us in some way, that gave us a passion, a fear, a way of looking at the world.  These are the movies we'll explore, as we talk about how they changed us and why.  We'll also delve into the broad spectrum of other influences that have turned us into the people we are today.

Your host:  Cheryl Jones

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