Adam Carolla Show: Dana Gould

Adam Carolla Show: Dana Gould

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Publish Date : June 03 2011

After a long drive to San Diego, Adam and the gang are live at the House of Blues, with special guest Dana Gould. The conversation quickly turns to Halloween night, and the guys talk about adults with too much time on their hands, and slutty girl costumes. They also talk about how to deal with wild animal attacks, and the worst flavors of edible panties.

Adam then talks about his trip to Charlotte, and the ‘firesuit incident’ that happened on the road. Later, Alison jumps into the news, opening with Mit Romney’s quote about Obama failing America. The guys go on a tangent about crazy names, and between political talk, Adam talks to an audience member about how to properly remove anal beads. Kim Kardashian is also in the news for taking her husband’s last name, and the guys discuss the announcement of Jane Lynch hosting the Emmy’s.

The group also discusses the new USDA food diagram, and whether or not it actually makes a difference anyway. Adam then talks about the rats and rattlesnakes on his property, and goes on a rant about square cafeteria pizza. The final news story is about cellphones causing cancer, and the guys chat about the good old days of phone booths and yellow pages.

As is tradition with Dana, the guys watch and heckle clips of the Huell Howser program, ‘California’s Gold’ during a round of Huell’s Jewels. Adam then recalls some stories from his times as a teenager in Tijuana, and the show wraps up with a couple quick jabs at Dr. Drew and Nicolas Cage.

Visit, and follow Dana on Twitter @DanaJGould


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