Part 1: Alex Berenson on COVID-19 Misconceptions, plus Eat [...]

Part 1: Alex Berenson on COVID-19 Misconceptions, plus Eat Your Feelings (ACS Oct 16)


Publish Date : October 16 2020

Adam opens today’s podcast talking with Bryan and Gina about an abundance of weird coincidences, and the usage of the word ‘dude’. The guys then chat with Alex Berenson about the misconceptions surrounding COVID-19. They also discuss the mental health crisis currently affecting children during the lockdown, the ineffectiveness of face masks, and the way social media sites like Facebook are censoring content. Later they discuss the controversy surrounding Hunter Biden, and attempts at cancelling this year’s Halloween. Before the break, the guys discuss people wanting to boycott Trump’s Town Hall, and Gina shares tips for cooking with your kids in this week’s Eat Your Feelings. Please support today’s sponsors:, promo code ADAM10 enter ADAM enter ADAM


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