Part 1: Jason Whitlock on the NFL Playoffs and the Political [...]

Part 1: Jason Whitlock on the NFL Playoffs and the Political Divide (ACS Jan 13)


Publish Date : January 13 2021

Adam opens the show talking about his friend being 10 years sober. He then rants about both bathrooms at the studio being destroyed, and explains the proper door etiquette to properly warn someone before they walk in. They also take fan phone calls about passing time on a cross country road trip, and go on to talk about snow mobile accidents. Jason Whitlock then joins the show to discuss the playoffs and Super Bowl predictions, and then the guys reminisce about their own football playing days. Later they chat about hard work, what you can learn from losing, and today’s political divide. Please support today’s sponsors: enter ADAM KFC True Underdog Podcast enter ADAM


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