Part 2: Anne Heche Returns In Studio, plus The News (ACS Oct [...]

Part 2: Anne Heche Returns In Studio, plus The News (ACS Oct 26)


Publish Date : October 26 2021

Adam welcomes Anne Heche in studio at the top of Part 2. Adam chats with her about her podcast, ‘Better Together with Anne and Heather’, and they go on to discuss food shaming, feeling isolated as a child, and trying to heal yourself through telling the truth. Adam also asks Anne about her dad dying from AIDS, and leaving family tragedy behind for Hollywood. Later, Anne talks about getting fired for going to the ‘Volcano’ premiere with her then-girlfriend, Ellen DeGeneres, and shares stories from the sets of movies like ‘Six Days, Seven Nights’ and ‘Wag the Dog’. In the last part of the show, Gina reads news stories about the remains of Brian Laundrie, more vaccine mandates, the Cincinnati zoo vaccinating a variety of animals, ‘Dads on Duty’ stopping violence, Jeremy Piven getting burglarized, a Guy Fieri Halloween costume, and a new wine from Grey Poupon. Please support today’s sponsors: enter CAROLLA15 enter ADAM enter ADAM Check out the Jordan Harbinger Show Podcast


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