OC Mom Tribe

 EP-29 Christmas 2016 Review & [...]

Hi OC Mom Tribe: Check out this latest episode! We cover Christmas 2016, the best Chick-fil-a order ever, workout goals & a spicy water fail! Enjoy! We love you all! Happy New Year!

 EP-28 BONUS Worried at 2AM and [...]

Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!   Hollie recorded a little BONUS episode to fill in until a full recap on the holiday w. Ceci. *** This was recorded at 2:30AM on 12/27 YIKES..... Hollie [...]

 EP-27 American Girl Dolls, Double [...]

This week we took our two year old daughters on a play date to The American Girl Doll Store at The Grove in Los Angeles.  We were ready to capture some amazing pics. Well, that didn't happen. We were [...]

 EP-26 Christmas Traditions & the [...]

What up OC Mom Tribe! Thank you so much for tuning into our podcast show! This week we give updates on what has been going on- Ronnie's arm is healing and she is finally up and smiling! We chat about [...]

 EP-25 BONUS! Broken arm & humbled

BONUS!!!! Here is our long episode about Ronnie's poor broken arm and how Ceci dealt w. her kids being sick. Black iced tea and doughnut holes saved the day! A huge thank you to CHOC, in Orange, [...]

 EP-24 Ceci gets blackout drunk & [...]

This episode we talk about office Christmas parties. We give some tips of things you SHOULD NOT DO- like dressig slutty or giving your boss a super intimate gift! Ceci shares her juciest story [...]

 EP-23 BONUS: What REALLY happened [...]

BONUS EPISODE WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ERICA ALONSO?????? We know this is very much off-topic of our normal Orange County mommy fail podcast- but hang in there with us. Erica Alonso could have been [...]

 EP-22 Thanksgiving & Black Friday [...]

It's official- the holidays are in full swing. We are just barely recovering from Thanksgiving. Ceci hosted for her family and Hollie provided a cheese tray at her mom's house. Black Friday was just [...]

 EP-21 Ceci's sister talks [...]

This week we are so excited to have a guest!! Ceci's sister, Naomi, joins OC Mom Tribe, to talk breastfeeding and social media tips! Did you breastfeed?  Did you formula feed? We talk private school [...]

 EP-20 Wedding memories and [...]

Happy Episode 20! This is a super long one - but hang in there! It's so worth it! Hear the details of Ceci and Hollie's wedding! Hollie shares how she ruined her brother and sister-in-laws wedding day [...]

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