Superego: Episode 6:6

Episode 6:6 • Live at The Bell House 7/20/19 with James Bladon. Case Studies: Buffum’s, Princess Pomegranate Singles Cruise, Survival Tribal Council, Shunt McGuppin and Andrew Lloyd Webber, [...]

 Superego: Episode 6:5

Episode 6:5 • With Jean Villepique, Carl Tart, Mary Sohn, and James Bladon. Case Studies: The Old Original Spitbinders, Piranha Pond, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Fullham’s Public Service Announcements.

 Superego: Episode 6:4

Episode 6:4 • With Jeff Davis, James Bladon, Maria Blasucci, Amanda Lund from The Complete Woman, Sweet Georgia Brown, and Margaux the Fat Guy. Case Studies: Campfire with Roy Cabras, Doctor Don [...]

 Superego: Episode 6:3

Episode 6:3 • Live at The Bell House 11/16/18 with James Bladon. Case Studies: Furniture Dick’s, Celebrity Singles, Christian Stunt Spectacular, Looks At Books, The Gorsock Murder Tour, Coach [...]

 Superego: Episode 6:2

Episode 6:2 • With Jean Villepique, Carl Tart, Mary Sohn, and Amanda Lund. CASE STUDIES: Big Chunky Bubbles, Survivor, Alianca Home Reno, and Heartlines.

 Superego: Episode 6:1

Episode 6:1 • Case studies: Survival Tribal Council, Seventies Cinema Showcase, Grandmas Queen Bee and Jonesy, and Princess Pomegranate Singles Cruise.

 Superego Presents: The Neighborhood [...]

Our own Paul F. Tompkins has a wonderful improvised podcast with Nicole Parker. Make sure to listen and subscribe to THE NEIGHBORHOOD LISTEN, Tuesdays on Earwolf!

 Superego Presents: Mascots

Our own Mark McConville has a brand new show! Join him and his first guest, also our very own Paul F. Tompkins, for a discussion about mascots of every size, shape, and affinity. Hear the rest on [...]

 Superego Cinema: The Empire Strikes [...]

A little something to help pass the time in quarantine. Join Alec Guinness, Peter Mayhew, and director Irvin Kershner in a playalong commentary to one of the best Star Wars films. Additional Superego [...]

 Superego: Specials!

The Superego back catalogue is now available to own, for your very own! Purchase past Superego seasons, live episodes, Superego Cinema commentaries, bonus content, and more. They’re yours to keep [...]

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