First Take

 Hour 1: Cowboys at Saints

Stephen A. Smith and Dan Orlovsky debate about the Cowboys at the Saints matchup tonight, if the Ravens are legit a AFC threat, which is the better college coaching job: Notre Dame or LSU, if Baker [...]

 Hour 2: Twelve on Twelve

Stephen A. Smith, Dan Orlovsky and Damien Woody debate about if they would rather have Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers down stretch, who is more likely to be a franchise quarterback: Justin Herbert or Joe [...]

 Hour 2: Shining Suns

Stephen A. Smith, Marcus Spears, and Kendrick Perkins debate if the Warriors should fear the Suns. Later, Stephen A. and Kendrick discuss the Nets defeating the Knicks and if it is panic time for the [...]

 Hour 1: Nets Top Knicks

Stephen A. Smith, Jay Williams, and Marcus Spears discuss the Suns extending their winning streak to 17 games and the Nets defeating the Knicks. Later, Stephen A. and Marcus debate if the Cowboys are [...]

 The Double Standards Are WILD

Charly, Kimberley, and Elle discuss how Big Ben's time in Pittsburgh has ended, CFB coaches are hypocrites, and the worst way's they've been broken up with. Forewarning: this episode contains a lot of [...]

 Hour 2: Wilson Peaked?

Stephen A. Smith, Keyshawn Johnson, and Mina Kimes debate if Russell Wilson has already peaked. Later, Stephen A. gives his list of the top NFL teams after Week 12. J.J Redick stops by to debate if [...]

 Hour 1: The King’s Speech

Stephen A. Smith and Keyshawn Johnson talk about Lincoln Riley leaving Oklahoma for USC and Brian Kelly leaving Notre Dame for LSU. Later, JJ Redick stops by to debate if this season is LeBron [...]

 Hour 2: Mike McCarthy Tests [...]

Stephen A. Smith and Michael Irvin debate if it is on Sean McVay or Matthew Stafford to turn things around for the Rams. Later, Ryan Clark stops by to discuss Mike McCarthy testing positive for [...]

 Hour 1: 12 or 12?

Stephen A. Smith, Michael Irvin, and Dan Orlovsky debate if the Buccaneers or the Packers will win the NFC, if they trust Lamar Jackson to lead the Ravens on a run, and if the Patriots are the best [...]

 Hour 1: Cowboys Lose

Stephen A. Smith, Tim Tebow and Sam Acho debate about if the Cowboys are in trouble after losing three of their last four games, if Josh Allen is an elite quarterback, Super Bowl predictions and more.

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