Talk Is Jerico

 Eulogy for Eaton - A Tribute To [...]

Bobby Eaton was one of the greatest tag team wrestlers, and probably the nicest guy in the business. He never said a negative word about anyone, and no one ever had a negative thing to say about him! [...]

 The EverRise of 2.0

Matt Lee and Jeff Parker were Ever-Rise at WWE, and just debuted as 2.0 at AEW. The Canadian wrestling vets detail their journey from the Montreal indie scene to WWE and beyond. They talk about their [...]

 The Mythos of The Mothman

The insane legend of the Mothman is explored in great detail with journalist Joe Sills who journeyed to the Ohio River Valley this past year to investigate the mystery himself. He details the how and [...]

 Lance Storm Analyzes Juventud vs [...]

Lance Storm is the probably the best coach and agent in the business, and he’s offering an amazing training opportunity to anyone in the biz hoping to get a leg up on their career. Email him at [...]

 Dog Fiction - Ranking the Films of [...]

It’s the Quentin Tarantino Top 10 Movie ranking with drummer Mike Portnoy and Jojo Feeney from the Keepin’ It 100 podcast! The trio ranks 10 Tarantino films (because “Kill Bill Vol.1” and [...]

 The Mystery & Mayhem of Malakai [...]

Malakai Black came to AEW with purpose, attacking Arn Anderson and starting something with Cody! He explains how his shocking release from WWE turned into a quick deal with AEW, what it was like [...]

 The Bollywood Boyz - WWE & Beyond

The Bollywood Boyz are ready for their Hollywood comeback after their recent release from the WWE after a 5-year run! Real-life brothers, Harv and Gurv Shira (aka Sunil and Samir Singh), talk about [...]

 Eli Roth's Fin - Exposing The [...]

Eli Roth returns to talk about his new horror film of sorts. This one’s a documentary called “Fin,” and it chronicles the horror that is the shark fin trade industry. It’s streaming now on [...]

 The Horrific Crimes Of The Cookbook [...]

Nathaniel Bar-Jonah is the Cookbook Killer, and his crimes are truly as gruesome as his name implies. Nathaniel was eventually convicted of kidnapping, torturing, murdering, and allegedly EATING his [...]

 Ryan Nemeth Is A Heel

Ryan Nemeth says one short conversation with Tony Khan coupled with one order from Amazon is all it took to get the Wingmen up and running at AEW! It was getting to AEW that took the most time! Ryan [...]

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