Talk Is Jerico


Danhausen has only been wrestling in human form for 5 or 6 years, but has been wondering the earth for centuries! He shares his journey to wrestling, and explains the jar of teeth he carries with him [...]

 Anthrax 40

The core Anthrax lineup of Scott Ian, Charlie Benante, Frank Bello, and Joey Belladonna, are celebrating 40 years of Anthrax with some great stories about some of the pioneering highlights from their [...]

 The Atrocities of Graham James - [...]

It’s the biggest sex scandal in hockey history, and it started in Canada’s famed junior hockey league, and arguably contributed to the death of Jay Macaulay, a former high school classmate of [...]

 Compiling The Complete List Of [...]

“The Complete List of Jericho: 30 Years of Smashes, Matches, and Hits!” is finally here (and available at, and AEW’s Alex Marvez and Pete Fornatale, who helped make the book a [...]

 CJ Perry Says Goodbye to Lana and [...]

CJ Perry was Lana in WWE, and after 8 years, she’s saying goodbye to the character and the company. She was recently let go by WWE, and no one was more surprised than her! She explains what [...]

 Canada Day Special - Strange Brew [...]

The Winnipeggers are celebrating Canada Day with a special movie watchalong dedicated to all their fellow Canadians! Grab a drink and get your laugh on with “Strange Brew” (the first movie that a [...]

 Classic Album Clash - Ratt: Out Of [...]

The Classic Album Clash is back, and this time it’s all about Ratt – “Out Of The Cellar” vs “Invasion of Your Privacy.” And joining in the track-by-track analysis and trivia fun are Tom [...]

 The Creeping Death of the Chaos [...]

AEW’s Chaos Project is Dr. Luther and Serpentico, and they share the story of how they were put together, what inspired their memorable entrance, and where Serpentico gets his supply of kabuki [...]

 Helloween's Best Time with Michael [...]

Helloween is back with a new album, “Helloween,” and two singers, original singer Michael Kiske, and Andi Deris who’s been with the band since Kiske’s departure in the 90s. Michael and Andi [...]

 Stu Grayson & Evil Uno Bring the [...]

Dark Order founders Evil Uno and Stu Grayson were among the first talent signed to AEW, but admit that they thought they would be among the first fired when the Dark Order failed to initially catch [...]

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