Talk Is Jerico

 The Most Gruesome Deaths In Horror [...]

Darcy, The Mail Girl from “The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs” (which streams on Shudder) returns for the annual TIJ Halloween Spooktacular episode! And this time it’s all about gruesome [...]

 Scott Norton - From North Korea to [...]

Scott Norton is a highly decorated arm-wrestling champion, a New Japan Pro Wrestling champion, and the only wrestler to be a member of the NWO in both Japan and the States. He was also part of the [...]

 The Loneliest Whale - Tracking The [...]

Documentary filmmaker and director, Joshua Zeman, returns with a brand-new doc, “The Loneliest Whale: The Search For 52,” available now in theaters and on demand [...]

 The Art of Podcasting with Colt [...]

Colt Cabana has a brand-new podcast, “Wrestling Anonymous,” and fans are invited to participate by sharing their own wrestling stories via hotline (call 87 Cabana 34) or email [...]

 Juventud Guerrera Spills the Juice

Juventud Guerrera brings that Juvi Juice to TIJ! He and Chris share the story of Juvi’s AEW debut and return to TNT! They explain how Juvi came to be the third Labor of Jericho, what it took to make [...]

 Nancy Wilson & The Symphony of [...]

Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Nancy Wilson of Heart fame, is playing with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra on October 30th (tickets at They’re doing a mix of songs from her [...]

 Nick FN Gage - MDK & the Art Of The [...]

Nick Gage is the “The King” of death match wrestling, and he’s challenging to reclaim the GCW World Championship from Jon Moxley this Saturday 10/9/21 at GCW Fight Club (you can stream it on [...]

 Serial Killer Robert Hansen

Robert Hansen (or “Butcher Baker” as he was known in the media) is a serial killer who’s fascinated Hollywood for years! He and his gruesome crimes have inspired movies (“The Frozen [...]

 Omega vs Reigns - Debating the PWI [...]

The Pro Wrestling Illustrated Top 500 has been released (get yours at, and Editor Kevin McElvaney and Senior Writer Al Castle defend the mag’s pick for this year’s #1, Kenny Omega. [...]

 Peace, Rage & Violence - The [...]

Original Woodstock co-founder Michael Lang and veteran concert promoter John Scher staged Woodstock ’99 at the Griffiss Air Force Base in Rome, New York to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the [...]

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