Talk Is Jerico

 KISS Animalize Live - 36th [...]

It’s the 36th Anniversary of the KISS “Animalize Live Uncensored” concert, so that means it’s watchalong time with KISS fanatics (and likely KISS Army members) Chris, Fozzy drummer Frank [...]

 Pat Patterson Is Pro Wrestling's [...]

Pat Patterson was Chris Jericho’s wrestling guru, a skilled singles worker and tag team wrestler during his performance days, and the creator of the Battle Royal! He was a great karaoke singer, [...]

 Christian Metal Pioneers [...]

The new Bloodgood documentary “Trenches Of Rock” is available at, and chronicles the band’s 30+ year career! Founding bassist Michael Bloodgood and singer Les Carlsen talk [...]

 QT Marshall - The Unsung Hero of [...]

QT Marshall is half of the Natural Nightmares tag team with Dustin Rhodes, and he’s also the behind-the-scenes rock star of AEW! QT’s talking about his journey to AEW which includes a near-detour [...]

 The Young Bucks Are Killing The [...]

Matt and Nick Jackson return with tales from their new book, “Killing The Business From Back Yards To The Big Leagues” (available now at Hear how Matt superkicked Nick’s teeth out [...]

 The Distant Memories of Dream [...]

Dream Theater guitarist John Petrucci and singer James LaBrie bring the live concert experience directly to your home with the brand new live album and film, “Distant Memories: Live In London” [...]

 Court Bauer Talks MLW & WWE

MLW Founder Court Bauer returns with tales about MJF, Vince McMahon, Jericho, and WWE! He shares stories from his two-years working as a writer in Vince McMahon’s creative braintrust, including [...]

 Corey Taylor's PodMFcast

Corey Taylor returns with some fantastic stories about his new album, “CMFT,” and his recent “Forum or Against ‘Em” live stream concert! He talks about releasing music in the midst of a [...]

 Rob Halford - Confessions Of A [...]

The Metal God, Rob Halford of Judas Priest “confesses” all kind of stories including what it was like to live a secret, double life as a closeted gay man, and what happened when he was finally [...]

 The Fights and Fortunes of Jake [...]

It’s a solo Jake Hager with a black eye and bruised up face, and he’s breaking down the Bellator victory over Brandon Calton that did that to him! He’s talking about his training, his fight [...]

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