The Adam Carolla Show

 Part 1: 2021 ACE Awards (ACS Dec [...]

The 2021 ACE Awards features the greatest moments from the past year. Enjoy clips and commentary, and see who wins amongst the nominees for:

 Merry Christmas – Live From [...]

Adam, Bryan, and Gina perform live from the Portland Helium, including a Holiday-themed round of the Rotten Tomatoes Game, and ball-pulling for a round of ‘Unprepared’. Happy Holidays from the [...]

 Part 2: Shooter Jennings and Jason [...]

Shooter Jennings and Jason Boland are on the line at the top of Part 2. Adam asks Shooter about the origins of his name, and the guys talk about how their collaboration first came together. Shooter [...]

 Part 1: ‘Now Hiring Rockstars’ [...]

Adam opens today’s show discussing his viewing of a Frank Sinatra doc over the weekend, and just how much times have changed since then. The guys also talk about Chris getting a positive COVID test, [...]

 Part 2: Take That Tune Christmas [...]

The gang plays a round of Take That Tune where Adam gives his thoughts on random Christmas songs. Adam shares a clip from Reasonable Doubt about the advantages a defendant has when on bail versus in [...]

 Part 1: Fart Jars Girl Stephanie [...]

Adam talks about driving out to Corona for his daughter’s volleyball tournament and adds to his problem with coffee creamer choices. Dawson reads an article about a university lecturer getting fired [...]

 Part 2: More Bryan and Teresa + [...]

1. More Bryan and Teresa (2010)

 Part 1: Gina Drop Montage + Teresa [...]

1. Gina drop montage (2018)

 Part 2: Comedian Drew Lynch, plus [...]

Comedian Drew Lynch is in studio, and the guys talk about his path to comedy after getting concussed and starting to stutter. They also discuss winning 2nd place on America’s Got Talent in 2015, and [...]

 Part 1: Hot Comedy Venues, Listener [...]

Adam opens today’s show talking to Bryan and Gina about his crazy evening recording two new comedy specials for The Daily Wire. They go on to talk about problems Adam thought the computer would [...]

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