The Adam Carolla Show

 Part 1: Totally Topical TiVo Trivia [...]

Adam opens the podcast talking with Gina and Bryan about today’s guest, Joe Pantoliano, who has an amazing range of movies and TV performances over the years. Adam then rants about why he hates [...]

 Part 2: Joe Pantoliano on The [...]

Joe Pantoliano joins the podcast, and Adam asks him about his recovery from being struck by an SUV. He also goes through some of his incredible performances over the years, and Gina asks Joe questions [...]

 Part 2: Coleman Hughes on Police [...]

Adam is joined by Coleman Hughes for a one-on-one conversation. The guys begin by discussing how police brutality against black people is being amplified, and how there are similar instances [...]

 Part 1: Tool Tunes, ‘Isaac [...]

At the top of the show, Adam has a brief conversation with ‘Isaac Hayes’ and then tells Bryan and Gina about driving around LA without A/C in his car, and his new appreciation for Tool Tunes. They [...]

 Part 2: More Rav Arora, plus the [...]

Rav Arora is still on the line at the top of Part 2 of today’s show, and the guys break down an article about the truth behind the Breonna Taylor shooting. Gina then reads news stories about the [...]

 Part 1: Rav Arora on White [...]

At the top of the show, Adam addresses the fact that once again his interview with the President has been postponed. Adam then recalls some of the random old timey stories that he heard from his [...]

 Part 2: Patrick Rosenstiel [...]

Patrick Rosenstiel is on the line at the top of Part 2 of today’s podcast. He gives his relevant background working in politics, and talks about revolutionizing the way we elect presidents by [...]

 Part 1: Mr. Brightside, ‘Carb [...]

Adam opens today’s show talking with Bryan and Gina about his recurring communication problems. To illustrate, he tells stories about trying to order a margarita and trying to put a new condo [...]

 Part 2: Rotten Tomatoes Game + News [...]

The gang plays a Satan-themed round of “The Rotten Tomatoes Game,” and Gina reports on the latest in the news including: Rudy Giuliani appearing in the new Borat movie, Ryan Reynolds preferring [...]

 Part 1: Being Nice vs Considerate + [...]

At the top of the show, Adam talks about the difference between being nice vs being considerate. Then they go over Gavin Newsom’s Thanksgiving COVID rules. After that, Adam speaks to a caller [...]

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