The Paul Mecurio Show

 Kathy Kleiner - Living victim of [...]

Ted Bundy’s living victim tells how she survived a brutal attack at the hands of the serial killer in 1978 and has refused to let the experience define her. A truly eye-opening account of a [...]

 Shelia E. - Iconic Percussionist

Groundbreaking musician Shelia E. tells fascinating stories of how she started playing percussions at 3 years old with her musician family, working with giants like Carlos Santana, Ringo Starr and [...]

 Gabe Iglesias aka "Fluffy" - [...]

Gabe Iglesias is one of the most successful comedians working right now and talks about how he broke out to be such a big star, the cell-phone job he left to start stand up, his weight issues and [...]

 Ernie Hudson - From, [...]

Ernie talks about the limited roles for black actors in Hollywood when he started out, how he broke through with "Ghostbusters," his approach to acting and how he has sustained a 40-year career in [...]

 Howie Mandel - Comedian, Host

Howie tells a great story how he almost blew getting the hosting job for "Deal or No Deal," his days doing comedy with the likes of Richard Pryor & Jay Leno, the amazing way he got his acting gig on [...]

 Jay Leno

Jay talks about his start in comedy and his rise up the ladder, his incredible work ethic, Richard Pryor, David Letterman and other comic greats from the hey day of comedy at "The Comedy Store" in LA [...]

 Gretchen Carlson - Former Host, Fox [...]

Gretchen, who received $20 million as settlement from Fox News for sexual harassment, talks about her new Lifetime 2-hour documentary special, "Gretchen Carlson: Breaking The Silence," in which she [...]

 Ed Asner - 8-Time Emmy Award & [...]

One of our greatest living actors, Ed has starred in film, theater and TV and gives fascinating insight into how he approached playing Santa in "Elf," his audition for the historic Mary Tyler Moore [...]

 Cedric The Entertainer

A great conversation with Cedric about his CBS show "The Neighborhood" how and why they are tackling societal and cultural issues but keeping it funny. he also talks his role not just as star but [...]

 Yeardley Smith - Voice of Lisa [...]

Yeardley talks about playing the iconic character Lisa Simpson, how that role came about, what it's like working on the ground-breaking "Simpsons" show and her hugely popular true crime podcast, [...]

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