The Paul Mecurio Show

 Brian Kilmeade - Author, "Andrew [...]

A new conversation with Brian about his new book which reveals fascinating insight and details about Andrew Jackson, his importance as one of our finest Presidents and military commanders, and why the [...]

 Mike Baker, Former CIA Covert [...]

Mike Baker. Very relevant to today, this interview will open your eyes to a world you don't hear alot about but is important to our national security. Mike has a fascinating backstory about his 17 [...]

 Donna Brazile, Former DNC Chair, [...]

Donna Brazile worked on every presidential campaign from 1976 through 2000, when she served as Al Gore's campaign manager. She talks about her incredible life and experiences at the highest levels of [...]

 Mika Brezinski - Co-Host, MSNBC's [...]

Mika talk about the moment she has started to get women to know their value in the workplace and society, as well as the Bret Kavanaugh hearings and how EVERYONE came out looking bad in that, Donald [...]

 Lawrence O'Donnell - MSNBC Host, [...]

A great conversation about a 1975 seminal Boston police shooting and coverup, the current state of police/citizen relationships in America, how to prevent race-related shootings, the current state of [...]

 Bernard Kerik - NYC Police [...]

Kerik has led a fascinating life and been at the center of some of the biggest events in American history. He has fascinating stories about his days being NYC Police Commissioner and what it was like [...]

 Gary Busey

Gary talks about ... well ... everything ... tumors, what letters represent, dreams ... this interview is hard to describe, it's just something you gotta hear. And we aren't just saying that. It's [...]

 Omarosa - Her Time in The Trump [...]

A fascinating account of Omarosa's time in the Trump administration with a unique insider's view on why Trump wanted to be President, what makes him tick, and what those in Trump's inner circle are [...]

 Ethan Hawke - 4-Time Oscar Nominee [...]

A wide-ranging, engrossing talk with Ethan and Ben talk about their new film, "Blaze," about the iconoclastic singer/songwriter Blaze Foley. Very interesting insight from Ethan about how he approaches [...]

 John Fugelsang, Comedian, Actor, [...]

A really fun, all-encompassing conversation with my good friend and one of the smartest and insightful comedians today. John talks about today's political landscape, Trump, Hillary, our 2-party [...]

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