The JV Club with Janet Varney

 Negin Farsad

If you don’t already adore this week’s guest, Negin Farsad (Fake the Nation), YOU WILL BY THE END OF THIS EPISODE! Dish on the coolest uncool Palm Springs local hangs! Rummage vintage in Tennessee [...]

 Jonatha Brooke

This week marks the 400th new episode of The JV Club! To celebrate the occasion, JV was incredibly excited to be joined by someone who was a huge inspiration during her late teens (and beyond, to [...]

 Halle Kiefer

Blogging at work, Flagging at school, and how to carefully pick which horror movies you jump into during a rousing game of M.A.S.H. with this week’s guest, comedian/writer/actor/podcaster Halle [...]

 Melinda Hill

Samantha! Heidi! The Girls Next Door! This week JV reconnects with her audition buddy, comedian and actor Melinda Hill (“Inappropriate”), who chats about lifehacks for the kid who moves a lot, [...]

 Jess Salomon

If you like your thrills in the form of chewing gum (called, you guessed it, “Thrills”), you might be Canadian, and you might like the taste of soap! This wisdom and so many other important [...]

 Libby Ward

It’s time for a chat with award-winning comedy writer, artist, and games producer Libby Ward, who talks Tucson deserts with a very excited JV, but more importantly shares her values of inclusion, [...]

 Eloise Alterman

This week brings us the talented Nashville-based musician Eloise Alterman, who chats with JV about the glorious Stevie Nicks, the perfect vanilla sheet cake, and being just grown-up enough to know [...]

 Becca Scott

This week’s episode welcomes the utterly delightful Becca Scott (Good Time Society), whose intelligence, humor and compassion will somehow make you believe in all of humanity! Plus, a dip into [...]

 Daralyse Lyons

The luminous Daralyse Lyons (the Demystifying Diversity podcast) joins JV and brings with her an honest, reflective, and delightful conversation about “otherness,” the ways we try to be in charge [...]

 Anna Cox

This week is very special guest, author Anna Cox (I Keep My Worries in My Teeth), whose wonderful, strange, funny and poignant new novel is also available as an audiobook… and JV was honored to read [...]

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