The JV Club with Janet Varney

 Ep. 411 Diona Reasonover

Just a couple of folks celebrating being bad at being goth. JV is joined by the simply marvelous Diona Reasonover (If/Then podcast) and her love of board games (yay!) and train rides (double yay!). [...]

 RERUN: Kristina Rodgers

A very exciting rerun of the divine Kristina Rodgers, who drops by to bond with JV over Siouxsie Sioux, the Electrical Light Parade, Pottery Barn and oh-so much more!

 Kate Willett

Join JV and this week’s awesome guest, Kate Willett (Dirtbag Anthropology) as they rock the world with a new kind of Show Choir extravaganza— for adults with adult problems! Plus: roller coaster [...]

 Alexandra Petri

Get musical! Middle Earth-style! With this week’s bright and shiny guest, author and journalist Alexandra Petri (The Washington Post). Social clumping at dances! Star Wars Prequel apologists! And a [...]

 Annabelle Gurwitch

If your neighbors in Florida were The Bee Gees and your neighbor in NYC was Joey Ramone, you might be this week’s guest, Annabelle Gurwitch (Known for her upcoming book “You’re Leaving When?” [...]

 JV's personal update

JV shares a personal update.

 Rerun: Arden Myrin

A M.A.S.H. game mind-meld gets this week’s guest, the radiant Arden Myrin literally up on her feet with excitement! It’s all about breaking the plaid mold, embracing humiliation, and snow, snow, [...]

 Afiya Augustine

Mummies! Mitochondrial DNA! Austrian crystals! All these treasures and more in this week’s episode with Afiya Augustine (Adult-ish podcast), whose muse is most decidedly back in town.Note: We had [...]

 Amy Okuda

Dance your way into a shoe commercial with this week’s fantastic Amy Okuda (“Atypical" on Netflix), who also talks pandemic-livestreams, being a Non-Tryer (a term we just made up), and how [...]

 Sara Schaefer

Experience the conversation that JV must describe as “a little slice of heaven” with this week’s guest, the terrific comedian/author Sara Schaefer! Hear about Sara’s marvelous new book, [...]

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