The JV Club with Janet Varney

 Jo Firestone

It’s week 2 of Max Fun Drive! And what could be better than a backyard reenactment of “Death Becomes Her” starring this week’s guest, the hilarious Jo Firestone (Max Fun’s own Dr. Gameshow) [...]

 Feed Swap! The JV Club loves DEAD [...]

Janet chats with MaxFun podcast Dead Pilots Society producer Ben Blacker. JV Club fans will enjoy Dead Pilots Society for the in-depth interviews with the writers, behind-the-scenes look at the [...]

 John Hodgman

What better way to celebrate #MaxFunDrive than with one of the Maxiest, Funniest, Driviest (?) people around, Mr. John Hodgman? It’s a smorgasbord of topics and delight in this special episode. But [...]

 Eric Balfour

It’s a Boy of Summer teaser with the fantastic, funny, 3th generation Los Angeleno-native Eric Balfour ("Country Comfort” and OH MY HEAVENS SO MUCH MORE) and a conversation too good to be missed [...]

 Angela Lewis

Fireflies! Phosphorescence! Mattresses! Glide into this chat with the wonderful Angela Lewis (“Snowfall” on FX) as she and JV revisit NYC blackouts, great teachers, and a moment in cinema that may [...]

 Caryn Lucas

It’s Country Comfort’s creator, the marvelous Caryn Lucas! The gals talk Judy Garland, Family Feud, and the gorgeous power of laughing and crying in close succession. Plus! Being a woman in a [...]

 Anna LaMadrid

In this week’s instantly-forged friendship, find out why JV finds herself sincerely sighing “Gosh.” It’s thanks to the luminous Anna LaMadrid, whose nomadic teen years took her to Germany and [...]

 Victoria Aveyard

It’s a veritable smorgasbord of other worlds and literary wonderlands with this week’s guest, bestselling YA author Victoria Aveyard  (The "Red Queen" series), who so enchants JV with her [...]

 Julia Fowler

Following the premiere of “Country Comfort” on Netflix, JV welcomes writer and actor Julia Fowler, who brought all of her Southern charm and humor to the writing of the show. From childhood [...]

 Jenn Welch

If you’ve been longing for JV’s Bruce Springsteen singing impression, this is the episode for you. This week the funny, honest and charming Jenn Welch (LadyHD: A Podcast for Distractible [...]

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