The JV Club with Janet Varney

 Lexie Henning

It’s the wonderful Lexie Henning (Ancient Office Hours podcast) this week on the JV Club, bringing with her some really nuanced, really great conversation and thoughts about her own family history [...]

 Rerun: Dante Basco

Breakdance your way through Episode 157 with one of the busiest and coolest guys around, Dante Basco (Hook, Avatar: The Last Airbender), who reminds us that family, curiosity, and the occasional [...]

 Fielding Edlow

This week we welcome the hilarious, bold, candid and great Fielding Edlow (“Bojack Horseman”), who digs deep into the Whit Stillman-y world of upwardly mobile teens on the island of Manhattan, and [...]

 Stephanie Katherine Grant

Look out, Lizzy Bennet! The terrific Stephanie Katherine Grant (“The Goldbergs”) is headed your way, and she may just sweep up Darcy in the process! Enjoy this delightful conversation about the [...]

 Merk Nguyen

Welcome in the marvelous Merk Nguyen (Ooh You're in Trouble)who chats with JV about the wilds of Washington, the hijinx of Hotel Transylvania, and the dynamic dreaminess of Dragon World, and much [...]

 Cat Baab-Muguira

Cat Baab-Muguira and JV discuss the high of obsession as a teen when you find an artist (musician, writer, etc!) whose work changes your life… and how that can happen as a depressed adult! Case in [...]

 Maeve Higgins

It’s the much-loved-on-Max-Fun-Podcasts comedian Maeve Higgins! The perfect way to celebrate the 2nd week of the Max Fun Block Party — and the release of Season 2 of the delightful [...]

 Meet the Neighbors The JV Club x [...]

It's a Block Party! Hosts James Arthur from Minority Korner, Renee Colvert  Host of Can I Pet Your Dog? and Janet Varney Host of The JV Club Podcast celebrate The Max Fun Block party with a [...]

 Lara Bricker

It’s Maximum Fun’s Block Party Week, y’all! Listen in as JV continues her quest to complete her "Crimewriters On Collection” with the delightful Lara Bricker, who in addition to co-hosting one [...]

 Darcy Rose Byrnes

This week, JV catches up with her “Legend of Korra” castmate, Darcy Rose Byrnes (“Ikki”), and the conversation ping-pongs delightfully from Shakespeare to soap operas and from Dorothy Parker [...]

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